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Roll it over – Psalm 119:15

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So today I was thinking about Psalms 119 again. Just like a couple weeks ago when I was being challenged to get back to hiding God’s word in my heart.

This week I have really been focusing on the verses that follow Vs 11 in Psalms 119. Specifically the idea of meditating on God’s word. Years ago I remember running across this verse where David says, “I will meditate on your precepts”. I had always thought of meditation being more of an Eastern religion practice. In fact if you look at the dictionaries today you find many of the definitions to be closely related to how it is practiced in those religions.

What really started me thinking about this last week was that I got mad or frustrated about something and I kept rolling it over in my mind one day. That is really the definition of “Meditation”. To roll something over in your mind over and over. So when the Psalmist says here in 119:15 that he will meditate on God’s Precepts(statutes, mandates, commandments, or principles) he is really talking about rolling it over in his mind over and over. What I am discovering is that I am really good at meditating on worries or frustrations or wrongs but it does not quite come as easy to meditate on Scripture.

This word is used over 20 times in the old testament and in fact it is used to describe a complaining, worrisome or angry spirit. But it is also used as a declaration, “I will”, where the writer takes charge of his meditations. Specifically, the writer declares he will think about the great creations of God, the good God has shown him in his past, and the promises or precepts of God.

This week I am trying to think about the good things and even miracles Jesus has done for me in the past which are actually directly tied to promises he spoke to me through His living, Holy Spirit infused word.

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