Cell Life Church Zambia

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Cell Life Church Zambia is a group of churches and cell sites in the city of Lusaka, Zambia and the surrounding villages. It is lead by Rev. Isaac Mphande and his wife Chewe. God is moving mightily in Zambia and you can help.

Many Ministries in CLC Zambia

Pastor Isaac has started many ministries within Cell Life Church Zambia.

  • They have many churches planted.
  • They have started a Bible School for prospective pastors.
  • They have a rural school children’s outreach.
  • They run soccer camps for youth.
  • They send out musical ministry teams.

You Can Help

Pastor Isaac needs your help to continue to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in rural Zambia and to train pastors in Zambia. He needs your prayers, and he needs financial support. The Bible school needs desks and materials. The musical ministry teams need equipment. The children’s outreaches need soccer balls, curriculum, and more.

Help spread the word