Cell Life Church Kenya

Kenya Flag
Pastor Martin, Pastor Ron, Pastor Brian, Patricia Indakwa during a mission trip to Cell Life Church Kenya

Cell Life Church Kenya is a group of churches and cell sites in western Kenya in the villages surrounding Mumias, Kenya. It is lead by Rev. Martin Indakwa and his wife Rev. Patricia Indakwa. God is moving mightily in Kenya and you can help.

Missions Visits

Cell Life Church International has sent ministry teams twice to visit the Indakwas and minister alongside them in Kenya. We have sent teachers and preachers to train pastors and church leaders. We have also brought resources to help fight malaria, feed widows and orphans, and deal with parasites. And we have helped them purchase seed and fertilizer for crops and purchase farm animals like chickens and goats.

Needs Are many

Rural Kenya has many needs. Most homes have mud walls and dirt floors. Most do not have electricity or running water. In fact, clean water is a real need in rural Kenya. Many have to walk miles to get water each day.

You Can Help

Despite all the challenges, the church in Kenya is growing. The great news about that is there are more people willing to help others. That’s where we come in. We are trying to find sustainable ways to help the church in Kenya grow and become self-sustaining. You can help with this too. By giving to one or more of the opportunities below you can help us help Pastors Martin and Patricia make a huge difference in Kenya.