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Cell Life Church International is a non-denominational Christian church and network of home churches, cell churches, and ministries started in June of 2012. The ministry is led by Pastor Brian Conklin & Pastor Kelly Conklin. Pastors Brian and Kelly are both ordained ministers and have more than 2 decades of ministry experience. There are cell sites and home churches forming around the world. Groups in places like the United States, the Philippines, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, China, Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi are thriving. Some regions have officially chartered their own organizations and registered them with their respective governments. Others gather and worship privately, some in places where it is unsafe and illegal to practice Christianity.

Cell Life Church Ministry Locations around the world
  • Tahir Mahmood┬áleads the efforts in Pakistan, which includes home churches in 9 villages, 2 sewing schools, and weekly Sunday School lessons for brick kiln worker children.
  • Martin Indakwa leads the efforts in Kenya, which currently includes 8 churches and a primary school.
  • Isaac Mphande leads the efforts in Zambia, which includes churches and a Bible School for prospective pastors.
  • Innocent Mugona leads the efforts in Blantyre, Malawi and is reaching out into Mozambique


Our vision is to be the church, not do church. The church is people, not a building or organization. We strive to build life long followers of Jesus Christ. We introduce real people living real lives to a real God who loves them and has a plan and purpose for their lives.

We are founded on two main pillars of scripture. They are found in Matthew 25:34-45 and Ephesians 4:11-12. Our (Pr|T)eaching Team is here to equip people to go out into their communities and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.


We encourage all cell sites and home churches to serve their community each month in some meaningful way.

We host a weekly webcast, Cell Life Church TV, on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am Pacific time in the United States. Each webcast encourages the body of Christ and celebrates all that the Lord is doing around the world. The webcast can be watched live at our Cell Life Church TV website, YouTube, and Facebook, or on-demand. You can also watch our webcast on television using a Roku or Amazon Fire streaming device.

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