Bible by candlelight

Psalm 119:11

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I was thinking about Psalms 119:11, “Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Quick thoughts:

  1. For this to have any value to us we must first be convinced that missing, striving against or not caring about God’s plan for us as revealed in the scriptures is not good for our lives and has no benefit to us and that conversely, the opposite is true.
  2. If David, who indeed was called by scripture “a man after God’s own heart” needed to continually hide God’s word in his heart to keep from sin then I most likely need it also. I, Bud, still need to hide it in my heart and continue to keep it fresh.
  3. The heart and not the brain is the place that God’s word is the most effective. It must engage our mind, emotions, and spirit.
  4. “I might not”… This makes me remember how important grace is. We are to strive to serve and be like Jesus but we will still at times miss the mark. Thank you, Jesus, for your grace. Your Grace makes me want to please you even more.

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