Day 1 of Ministry

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After 3 days of travel and a settling day, we started the Pastors and Church Leaders Conference today. It was wonderful reacquainting with friends from our last journey here 2 years ago, and making new friends.

We rented an international WiFi hotspot for the trip so we have good data access. This has allowed us to keep up with family and friends, but also allowed us to stream 2 of the teaching sessions live on Facebook! You can check out the videos on our Pastors Brian and Kelly page at

Follow us on that page to see other sessions we’re able to stream.

The morning session revolved around the Church; the concept of One Church, self-sustaining churches, and equipping the saints. All three sessions were well received.

The afternoon sessions revolved around family and ministry; marriage, parenting, and balancing family and ministry. Kelly did great with these and they were also well received.

There were other opportunities to connect with kids and others. We have been so blessed by everyone’s appreciation of the teachings. They are so hungry for in depth biblical teaching.

We are looking forward to what tomorrow holds.

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