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Recently there has been quite a bit of “news” about Pakistan. We had a terrible terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California last week resulting in many people dead and more seriously injured. I don’t need to go into those details, we’ve heard them over and over already. What is disheartening is the media’s attention on the place one of the terrorists is from, Pakistan. The media is causing such a frenzy toward this nation instead of what radicalizes individuals to carry out such evil deeds.

Let me tell you about the Pakistan we have come to know over the last couple of years. The Pakistan we have been in contact with has a thriving Christian church bent on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to any who will listen. The Christian church in Pakistan is reaching out to believers and non-believers alike sharing the love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to their friends and neighbors. The Christian church in Pakistan is feeding widows and housing orphans, The Christian church in Pakistan is being the church!

Kelly and I preach weekly to a church in Pakistan that often has more than 50 people in attendance sitting in multiple rooms listening to a message through an interpreter. Some of the people that have come have traveled 50 to 60 miles just to hear a message of hope and encouragement. But it doesn’t end there. These same people then take this message back to their home and neighbors. The Evangelist we work with takes each weekly message and preaches it in 7 different villages! This Evangelist has been invited to preach in large open-air gatherings. People have traveled up to 100 miles for him to pray for them for miracles of healing, and they are healed! This isn’t only Christians traveling either. He has had some Muslims travel to him for prayer.

Friends, the church in Pakistan is alive and well and not just surviving, it is thriving!

If we want to stop the evil in this world, we not only need to meet it head-on, we also need to help support those who are trying to change the hearts of people. Cell Life Church Pakistan is doing just that. They are winning the hearts of people for Jesus Christ and in so doing they are changing an entire nation.

Will you help us help them? We need prayer warriors! Will you commit to pray for the church in Pakistan regularly? We need resources. Will you consider helping us provide much-needed resources and funds for the church in Pakistan to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ? One such way right now is by giving to our Bibles for Pakistan campaign. You can do that safely online at or by sending a check. You can also commit to giving monthly to help fund the ongoing mission of the church in Pakistan.

Thank you for considering to help.

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