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Power of Influence

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The power of influence can change a nation. The power of influence can take something bad and turn it into something good. In the case of Micah in Judges, chapter 17, his influence began to turn a nation towards idolatry.

Good intentions are not always good. We may have a proper motive but our actions might not be what is best.

Micah’s story of influence begins with his mother who had good intentions but did the wrong thing. After Micah had returned his mother’s missing silver, she wanted to show her appreciation to the Lord. She had the silver made into a carved image and a cast idol (Judges 17:3). Micah’s mother had the idols put in her son’s house where he had a shrine in which he had more idols made.

Micah’s mother’s influence taught him to have shrines and idols. Little did she know that this influence would soon bring widespread idolatry to a nation.

As a Levite passed through Micah’s city one day looking for a place to settle, Micah invited him in to live with him. Micah told this man that he would pay him to be his priest. Since he was from the tribe of Levi, the chosen tribe to be priests to the nation of Israel, he accepted.

Eventually, the tribe of Dan sent out officials to survey the surrounding land. These men stayed a short time at Micah’s house. It didn’t take long for the tribe of Dan to overcome Micah’s household and take his idols and gods. They said to the priest, “Come with us, and be our father and priest. Isn’t it better that you serve a tribe and a clan in Israel as priest rather than one man’s household?” (Judges 18:19). The priest decides to go with the tribe of Dan.

Idolatry is brought to the tribe of Dan through one family’s influence. As you continue to read the Old Testament you learn that idolatry nearly destroyed the nation of Israel.

One decision has the power to influence a family. One family has the power to influence a nation. What decisions are you making today that will affect your family and eventually a nation?

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