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Being Approachable

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There are those people in our life that are always so intimidating. Their very presence makes you uneasy. There are many reasons, sometimes we’re intimidated by their intelligence or worried that they will not like our performance. Sometimes we are afraid to go up to someone who is well known or very successful. These people can be very unapproachable and can cause much anxiety.

I am so glad that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is very approachable. His very nature is love, mercy, and grace. I really enjoy reading and studying Jesus’ interaction with people. He is always so patient with the humble and broken in spirit. He is so loving and thoughtful as he teaches his disciples. His rebukes are even thought out and understandable and we people took them accordingly.

One of his interactions that I return back to often is when he approaches the woman at the well in Samaria. This is found in John 4:4-42. Here is a Jew, a Rabbi with many disciples, sitting at a well in Samaria. When the woman comes out in the middle of the day, so she wouldn’t be seen by anyone or have to interact with anyone, she comes upon Jesus. I can just imagine Jesus sitting there watching her slowly walk toward the well. She is probably wondering if she should come back later, but she doesn’t. She walks up and Jesus starts talking to her. He shows her respect and grace. When her sin is brought out and she feels ashamed, Jesus sows her mercy and forgiveness. It is a beautiful example of being approachable.

Another great example is Jesus’ interaction with the lepers. We read the story in Luke 17:11-19. Ten lepers stood a way off from Jesus and shouted out to him to have pity on them. They were bold to shout out to him, and he healed them. But one came back and worshipped him and thanked him. Jesus was moved by this one and he praised him. You see Jesus was approachable, even though he is the Son of God and our Lord and Savior.

You are now wondering where I am going with this. As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we are supposed to be Christ-like. We won’t be perfect at it, but we are to strive to be Christ-like. To be like Christ, one of the things we must be is approachable. It is amazing the difference an approachable person is from an intimidating person. Approachable people put us at ease. We can share with them and trust them. We are not afraid to ask them things. Approachable people put others at ease.

Are you approachable or are you intimidating? That’s probably a question for one or two of your unfiltered friends. I want to encourage you and help you realize the most important things in life are the relationships we build with other people. Be approachable, not intimidating. Be patient, not short-tempered. Be understanding not controlling. Show love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness to all people. For, as we do to others, it will be done to us.

Be encouraged.

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