Ministerial Credential Application

Ministerial Credential Certificate
Ministerial Credential Certificate

It is our desire to train the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). We offer ministry credentials to individuals that complete a course of study and have evidence of a call to ministry on their lives. We offer two levels of ministry credential; Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister.


All Ministry Credential candidates shall meet the following basic requirements:

  • Salvation
  • Evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit
  • Evidence of call to ministry
  • Christian character
  • Doctrinal agreement

Courses of study will be recommended to the Church Council by a member of the (Pr|T)eaching Team familiar with the candidate and their ministry. The Church Council will then act on the recommendation and set the course of study for the candidate.

Courses of study and internship will be overseen by someone who holds the same level of ministry credential or higher with this church.

Individuals holding ministry credentials shall have the rights, privileges, responsibilities, and protections of any clergy for service in and through this church.

The Secretary of the Church Council will maintain all ministry credential holder records.

Licensed Minister

The Licensed Minister ministry credential is intended for individuals who are entering some form of vocational ministry. This is often the beginning of a lifetime of vocational ministry service.

The Licensed Minister shall have someone with an Ordained Minister credential as a mentor and meet with them regularly concerning spiritual growth and ministry effectiveness.

Ordained Minister

The Ordained Minister ministry credential is intended for individuals who have demonstrated God’s lifetime vocational ministry call on their lives.

An individual must hold a Licensed Minister credential, or its equivalent with a like believing ministerial credentialing body, for 2 years before Ordination credentials can be issued.

Transfer of Ministerial Credentials

Credentials from a like believing ministerial credentialing body may, at the discretion of the Church Council, be recognized and equivalent credential of Cell Life Church be granted.

Evidence of the existing credential must be presented to the seated church council. Evidence can include, but is not limited to:

  • A letter on official letterhead of the credentialing body.
  • Certificate describing the credential with organizational seals and signatures present.
  • Letters from a minimum of two credentialed ministers who can attest to the credential.
  • Other evidence as established and accepted on a case by case basis by the seated Church Council.


Please provide all of the following information so we can process your application for ministerial credentials with Cell Life Church. Ministerial credentials are not guaranteed. All applications for credentials are reviewed and approved or declined by the Church Council of Cell Life Church.

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