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Cell Life Church is a group of cell churches that meets in homes and villages in and around Toba Tek SIngh, . It is lead by Pastor Tahir Mahmood and his wife Rukhsana. God is doing amazing things in and through the church in and you can help.

Pastors Brian and Kelly sharing during a weekly worship and teaching time with Cell Life Church Pakistan

Each week members of the preaching and teaching team of Cell Life Church International share a Bible based message with the cell group that meets in Pastor Tahir’s home using video conference software and he translates it. Brother Tahir then takes this message out to the villages surrounding his city and shares it with 9 other cell churches in those villages.

Cell Life Church also runs a school for the children of brick kiln factory workers. These children of Christian workers often go without any schooling at all. If their parents can pay the school fees and they are allowed in school, as Christians, they are not allowed to use a desk or even chair. They must sit on the floor.

Cell Life Church has also started a sewing school. Ten to twelve young girls at a time can attend this sewing school and learn to sew different garments that their families can sell to help with basic needs. Over about three months they learn to sew different things like dresses and suits as well as everyday clothes. The church has purchased 6 sewing machines for this school, but they can always use more.

James 1:27  says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Cell Life Church takes this very seriously. They routinely raise money to feed widows and orphans.

Box of Urdu Language Bibles

It is not legal to import Bibles into . However, Bibles can be printed in and there is a printer who does this. We are always raising money so Brother Tahir can purchase native language Bibles and distribute them to new believers.

Brother Tahir is respected by other church leaders in and he can use your help. The church is growing in and Tahir works a secular job to help fund the ministry there. But he needs your help to continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in . Please consider supporting the ministry in on a monthly basis.

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